We have jerseys of all popular clubs within the world. We also have jerseys of Irish clubs such as Cork City FC, Derry City F.C., Waterford FC, Dundalk F.F. etc. Being Irish Citizens we all love to wear our own club jersey and represent our club to others. We have the authentic jerseys made up of original thin polyester. The advantage of polyester is that it wicks away moisture and sweat to keep the player dry and fresh.

Our Most sold out Jerseys of the 2018-19 season are:

Manchester United

Price: 72 euros.

Most sold number: 6 – Paul Pogba


Price: 70 euros

Most sold number: 11, M.Salah

F.C Barcelona

Price: 61 euros

Most sold number: 10 – L. Messi

Real Madrid

Price: 66 euros

Most sold number: 10, L. Modric

Manchester City

Price: 55 euros

Most sold number: 10 -Sergio Aguero