Who are we?

We are a group of 4 football enthusiastic men who run a business that solely focuses on football fans across Dublin.


The Soccer Space is a company that deals with football ground bookings and conducts sports-related events across Dublin. We also have a store at Finglas East, D – 11, Dublin. Our store provides Football accessories such as Jerseys, Soccer shoes and goodies. Along with sports accessories we do sell video games. We do hold a partnership with EA Sports to sell their FIFA branded football videos games across Dublin.

One specialty about our store is that customers can customize their products. For example, They can customize their jerseys, they can have their stars or their name printed on it. They can customize the color of the sports shoes and they can customize the t-shirts with badges of their favorite clubs.

Early Life

Hi, all football fanatics out there. We are a group of people with a common dream and passion for football who decided to start a start-up back in 2008 known as the Soccer Phoenixes’ in Dublin. Soccer community X1 was a small company that helped to book football turfs for people in Dublin. The main idea of the business was from Chris Jordan, who is the current CEO of the company. The journey had ups and downs and even was about to shut down in 2010 due to a financial loss. The team that consisted of 7 friends were then taken over by 3 friends. Chris, Allen, and Marcus along with their current Digital Marketing head, John from Liverpool, took over the company in 2013 and changed the whole strategy. 2 years took to recover from that financial loss, but they never gave up. In 2012, we started a partnership with EA Sports to market and sell their FIFA video games. That changed our fortune as video games were a huge trend at that time. The name Soccer Phoenixes was changed to “The Soccer Space” in the year 2013 The name was well received by the people in Dublin and we went on to receive huge bookings and sales. in 2015, we started to conduct soccer events in different parts of Dublin. The Manchester United icon, Rio Ferdinand was our first celebrity icon who helped us by joining hands with The Soccer Space to promote our business to different parts of Ireland.